Meet “The Hengelings”*

    As a parent it’s easy to get bogged down with mindless kids tv shows. I used to be THAT mother who didn’t want my little one to watch much TV, but after parenting for 7 years, it’s inevitable even if it’s just to give yourself 5 minutes peace (and trust me, you’ll be craving it!) I have to admit that I actually credit LM’s speech from a young age to watching TV while I tried to work in the background. I also think it helped with her development emotionally and I have some fond memories of shows we used to watch together when she was young that are no longer on TV.

    For all you parents of younger children out there, there is a new show on their way that is going to wrap you in a warm comforting blanket as you watch with your child. It’s time to meet “The Hengelings”.

    So, The Hengelings. This is a stop motion show that feels like a wonderful mixture of old and new entertainment for kids, that will welcome them to a world of fantasy, adventure and humour. The Hengelings are a small family of stone like creatures that inhabit Stone Henge. Each show is set over the course of the day that starts at sun rise and ends at sun set and the family returning to their beds. There is a mother called Solstice, a father called Sarcen, a daughter called Lintel and a son called Mortice – these all being words associated with the famous site. They’re well meaning and playful creatures and each episode has an underlying message about caring for the environment. The Hengeling’s themselves speak forming expressive sounds, occasionally using a word your child may recognise. However the story is helped along by the use of a narrator called The Wise Old Stone ans he resembles an Easter Island head.

    The targeted audience is age 1-7, but having enjoyed the trailer for the show already (see below) I think it could be great for parents of very young children to do a watch with me with. I feel the colours, story and tones are very calming and it would make for a perfect before bed show. I do think the historical references and message of how to better the world we live in is suited to an older audience, like LM. The show has a lot of charm and I think it’s set to become a favourite among parents and children.

    You can see for yourself from this trailer;


    I think the characters are incredibly sweet and it would lovely to see The Hengelings become a popular TV show for kids due to the message and essence of the show. I cannot wait to see the full episodes. It reminds me of a John Lewis Christmas advert and I think that’s why I’m so drawn to it.

    What was your favourite TV show as a child?

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