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    Guest Post // 10 Remote Jobs for Kids*

    There are a lot of factors that go into helping your child find a part time job. You have to decide when and if they are ready for the responsibility, if the job is right for their personality, and if it fits your family’s lifestyle. Being overscheduled, traveling, or living off the beaten path shouldn’t prevent your child from reaping the benefits of work experience. Remote jobs are a new, flexible option in today’s workforce. There are a variety of options available to meet their needs.  



    Blogging is just the art of creating digital content to share with an audience. These days, you don’t even need to be a prolific writer to start a blog. Bloggers use a mix of text, images, videos, and even podcasts to discuss their passions with the world. Blogging might not be an immediate source of income, but it can develop into a long-term money-making venture for talented kids. Bloggers earn income in a variety of ways, like selling ads and writing sponsored content.



    Data Entry
    If a steady paycheck is a necessity for your child, data entry is an option. To work in data entry, they can sign up through a freelance service, or look for opportunities with different companies. Essentially, they take information in one format and input it into a spreadsheet or database. It isn’t a challenging job, but it has clear benefits. Most data entry workers have very flexible hours. In many situations, you get paid by the project rather than the hour. So, the faster you work the more you can make.



    Internet Researcher
    Internet researchers do exactly that, they research things on the internet. These jobs are either traditional employment or freelance, depending on the responsibilities. While some positions will just have you report your findings, others will ask you to verify the data that comes up in each search. Positions that require deeper analysis will generally pay a slightly higher wage.



    Social Media Marketer
    Is your kid constantly on Snapchat? Tweeting? Signing up for the newest, weirdest social networking sites? Do they know how to make digital content go viral? Maybe this all sounds like a foreign language to you, but social media is the language of the younger generation. If your child is a social (media) butterfly, they might want to consider social media marketing. These jobs are mostly freelance, but the right clients will pay you very well for minimal hours a week. Like with any entrepreneurial project your kid takes on, social media marketing may take time to turn a profit.



    Transcriptionists are very similar to data entry workers, only they type out what they hear on an audio file. To be a good transcriptionist, your child needs to have excellent typing skills. Basically, a transcriptionist listens to an audio file and types out any words verbatim, all in standard transcription formatting. These jobs are normally project based, not hourly, making them a good fit for kids with a variable schedule. They may have to work for hours in a single sitting to finish a project, but can choose not to work for long periods of time, as well.



    If your child excels in a specific area of study, they might be able to find remote work as a tutor. Tutors need to devote a specific window of time to each client, helping them to grasp difficult concepts and work through assignments. Traditionally these positions were in-person, but many tutors are turning to video calls and chat sessions. They mostly work outside of school hours, but some tutors can find work during the day. For students who are advanced in challenging subjects like math, science, or foreign language; the demand for their skills will be high. They can charge more hourly as they build a reputation.



    Artistic kids can make some pocket money with photography. Starting a photography business can be complicated, but there are a lot of options available to young people. There are several websites that sell amateur stock photography. If your child is interested in photography and has a nice camera (or even just a smartphone), they could be making money with their hobby. Selling digital downloads or prints is one way to make money as a photographer; offering your services as a photographer is another. Event photographers travel to weddings, birthdays, and other events to get amazing candid and posed shots of the participants. Portrait or session photographers shoot sessions for headshots or senior pictures. All of these options are at least partially remote, the schedule is flexible, and they can be very lucrative.



    Seller on Etsy
    Etsy is a great platform for crafters and artists in a variety of mediums. Starting a shop on Etsy is inexpensive, so there is little risk associated with this entrepreneurial venture. In fact, it’s a cheaper option than traditional lemonade stands. (Lumber is expensive, after all.) Etsy lets your kid focus on their creativity, taking the pressure off the paycheck. Though it isn’t a guarantee, it’s great for kids who want experience starting and running their own business.


    Survey Take
    Even younger kids can participate in remote work, if that feels right for your family. Kids as young as fourteen can make extra money by taking online surveys. Survey companies need information from different demographics, and that includes young people and teens. Your child could help change how companies advertise, invest, or innovate. If your kid is opinionated, they’ll love sharing that opinion for money! Some companies will even send them free stuff to try out before a survey. Bonus!


    Video Game Tester
    If your kid sits around and plays video games every free second of the day, they may as well be getting paid for it. Game testers don’t just play, though. They have to play each level multiple times, trying out every possible move they can think of to see how the game reacts. Then, the tester writes a detailed report so that game developers can fix the bugs and glitches. Even though it’s a fun job, it requires a lot of skill and effort.

    Remote jobs come with unique challenges and benefits. It offers opportunities to a wide range of young people. Younger kids can start their own businesses, or even earn money from various side hustles. Young adults can explore a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities as well as digital career paths. Whatever they do, working remotely frees kids up for more experiences and family time. It’s good for them, and for you!

    Ron Stefanski is the founder of and has a passion for helping teenagers find jobs.  He created the website because he feels that teenagers need to focus on their professional passions much earlier in life and aims to teach them how they can do that.  When he’s not working on his website, Ron is a college professor and loves to travel the world.

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