Christmas 2017 – My Dream Christmas Wishlist

    Before I start sharing my Christmas gift guides that i’ve spent the last few months putting together, I thought I’d share my dream Christmas wishlist, with a huge emphasis on dream. Usually I put together a list of things I could plausibly get, but this year I thought I’d just share the pretty things I want. In March I turn 30 so I pretty much get nothing for Christmas any more, tragic right? When you become a parent you’d rather people bought for your child anyway. LM is much more deserving anyway!

    As usual my wishlist reads the same, some books, some Disney and some rose gold, with a few cosmetic sets I really want but can’t justify buying for myself. Have a look;

    Christmas Wishlist 2017



    I dread to think how much all this would come to if it was bought, the laptop alone is over £400 so there is no way I’d get it, even back when I was a child. But I’m in need of a new laptop as mine is on it’s last legs. This white and rose gold HP laptop is a millennial dream, and with a matching mirrorless camera, I’d be all set. As much as I love my DSLR it’s so heavy so I don’t use it as much as I should, I’d love a smaller camera like this Canon EOS M10. There only thing missing on it is the view finder but I could probably live without it.

    This year I enjoyed the Miss Peregrine Books and I learned there was a new version of Tales of the Peculiar and I’d love to give it a read. The other books I’d love are the companion pieces to His Dark Materials. I read The Book of Dust in record time and it reminded me of how much I loved the world of Dust, Daemons and Lyra Belaqua. The best movie I’ve seen this year was Wonder Woman and it’s sacrilege I don’t own it!

    Beauty wise, I’m desperate for the new Heavy Metals palette by Urban Decay as it has some gorgeous neutral shades as well as the bring colours that I’m used to in the heavy metals range. I just really want some shimmery eyelids! I also really want some more Tigi Colour Goddess shampoo and condition, it’s perfect for my red hair and smells great. Shame it’s regularly out of my price range for hair care.

    Of course there are 5 items on my list that are Disney. A Disney tradition, a Funko Pop, a Danielle Nicole bag and two items of jewellery. I’m 99% sure that this Little Mermaid Tradition made it onto my list last year but it’s just too perfect. Ariel in her town dress is my all time favourite Disney dress. I love how Merida’s hair is blowing in the wind in this Funko Pop, we love Merida and LM finally saw her this year in full costume. I’ve really wanted a Danielle Nicole bag since they first came to the UK but I can’t justify the price for myself. My favourite so far as been this Tink one though and it’s reduced on QVC, but still more than I can pay during the Christmas period. How pretty is she though? Another thing I’ve been after for a long time is a Lillian & Co bangle, they’re so pretty and I’d love a rose gold one to go with my Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland bangle. And finally, Disney Pandora is finally in Europe! Hooray! I have 3 Disney charms on my bangle and it’s time to add the 4th. Of all the styles that you can get in the UK, the Minnie ears are my favourite.

    What are you asking for this year?


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